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Project Reports and Publications

Agricultural Pilots

Project Reports:


Aviation Biofuels
Capitol Lake Assessment
Career Colleges
Chehalis Basin Strategy
Collaborative Healthcare Policy Initiative
Columbia River Gorge Commission
Columbia River Salmon
Eldercare Workforce
Joint SR 530 Landslide Commission
Northwest Marine Trade Association
Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative Evaluation
Nurse Staffing
Partnership for Sustainable Communities
Public Records Act Assessment
Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program
Recreation Fees
Roadmap To Washington’s Future
Shared Salmon Strategy Assessment
Snohomish Health District
Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health
Surplus Salmon
Tri-Cities Governance
Voluntary Stewardship Program

WSU Impact Report:

Progress Reports:

Foundational Texts:

Walla Walla Water Initiative
Washington State Coastal Resiliency
Washington Water Acquisition Program
Water Resource Administration & Funding Task Force

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Documents and Resources


Developing and Managing an Advisory Board to Support Extension-Based Centers and Other Programs (495 KB) Journal of Extension February 2018, Volume 56, Number 1

Creating and Implementing Diverse Development Strategies to Support Extension Centers and Programs (527 KB) Journal of Extension February 2018, Volume 56, Number 1

Urban Extension: Aligning with the Needs of Urban Audiences Through Subject-Matter Centers (493 KB) Journal of Human Sciences and Extension Volume 5, Number 2

The Public Sector as Mediator: The Role of Public Institutions in Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution in the Mediation Handbook: Research, Theory and Practice (2017) Routledge Publishing (2017) Routledge Publishing

Fostering Collaborative Solutions for Environmental Conflicts on the Ground: The William D. Ruckelshaus Center (pdf) (100 KB) IACM Signal, Volume 28, Issue 3

Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution in the USA: Reflecting on the First 40 Years…and Opportunities for Research (pdf) (195 KB) IACM Signal, Volume 28, Issue 3

A New Shade of Green (pdf) (160 KB) The Wall Street Journal

What citizens should require to restore trust in government 1/1/12 The Seattle Times

Why Collaborate? Why Involve Universities? (pdf) (220 KB) Evans School Review, Spring 2012 Edition


Enhancing Scientific and Technical Expertise for the Washington State Legislature (1 MB)

Updated on February 14, 2018