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Collaborative Healthcare Policy

A stethoscope on a pile of dollar bills.
The Ruckelshaus Center is currently seeking to build capacity and expand its services in the healthcare sector. Healthcare transformation, the growth of global health organizations and connections with environmental, governance and other issues create policy debates and challenges that affect a wide variety of stakeholders across Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.

Advanced consensus building skills, combined with WSU and UW expertise result in an effective, university-based neutral third party that can help to resolve many policy issues that impact government and industry stakeholders, labor, community partners and advocates.

Read the Healthcare Policy Study One-Pager (pdf), Collaborative Healthcare Policy One-Pager (pdf), or Healthcare Policy Study (pdf) to learn more about the Center’s next steps.

For more information, contact:

Kevin Harris
Ruckelshaus Center
Senior Facilitator -Health Policy
(206) 292-2387