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Collaborative Capacity Building Initiative

Building collaborative capacity plays a vital role in fulfilling the Center’s mission and vision to build the knowledge, skills and relationships for collaborative governance in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. The purpose of the Center’s Collaborative Capacity Building Initiative is to help individuals and organizations to better understand, initiate, participate in and lead collaborative public policy efforts. The Collaborative Capacity Building Initiative unites many of the Center’s services and consists of the following efforts:
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Creating Awareness

The Center builds awareness of the value and possibilities of collaboration by hosting forums on important public policy issues.

Chairman Circle Luncheon

Statesperson Luncheon

Building and Disseminating Knowledge

The Center serves as a conduit between the universities and real-world challenges by documenting and fostering best practices and lessons learned. Center faculty and staff present at conferences, workshops, forums and academic events. This work helps ensure that policy making in the state and region is informed by the latest thinking and scholarly achievement.

Evaluation Program

Applied Research and Scholarship

Developing Collaboration Skills

The Center provides training that allows participants from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to better lead and engage in collaborative processes.

Collaboration Training Program

Providing Applied Learning Opportunities

The Center provides hands-on experience for faculty, staff, and students interested in the field of collaborative public policy. The Center’s Internship Program provides students with paid opportunities to work with professionals and mentors on projects that develop collaborative skills needed to be successful in the field.

Updated on July 18, 2018