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I Want to Give


Your donation plays a vital role in the Center’s work, allowing us to remain independent and to address key issues. The Center’s guidance can transform conflict to cooperation, but not without you!

Ruckelshaus Center Impact Fund

Giving to the Impact Fund provides the Center with unrestricted support. This support meets the Center’s most pressing needs, provides funds for pro bono work, and allows us to quickly address emerging opportunities.

*Unrestricted gifts may be allocated to the Endowment Fund depending on Center priorities.

Ruckelshaus Center Endowment Fund

Giving to the Endowment Fund helps create a perpetual source of funding. The Center can use this funding to equip the residents of the Pacific Northwest with necessary problem-solving tools.

About Your Gift

  • As part of the agreement between the University of Washington and Washington State University, WSU processes donations for the Ruckelshaus Center. The links above will take you to the WSU Foundation website, but rest assured that gifts will be directed to the Ruckelshaus Center Impact Fund or the Ruckelshaus Center Endowment Fund (whichever you select).
  • Gifts over $1,000 will make you a member of the Ruckelshaus Circle, providing you with special communications and complimentary invitations to events, such as the Ruckelshaus Circle and Statesperson luncheons.
  • Gifts qualify for soft credit at both the University of Washington and Washington State University. If you would not like to receive soft credit at one or both universities, please contact Chris Page by email or call 206.770.6060.
  • Gifts are tax-deductible, as permitted by law.
  • The Center’s EIN: 20-4490085

Ruckelshaus Circle

The Ruckelshaus Circle is a group of the Center’s most dedicated supporters whose annual commitments to the Center exceed $1,000. Lifetime Ruckelshaus Circle members have given more than $25,000. The Ruckelshaus Circle enables the Center to develop collaborative, durable, and effective solutions to complex public policy challenges.

Donate to IMPACT Donate to ENDOWMENT

Monthly Giving

Your regular, reliable support via monthly or quarterly giving (of any amount) helps create a steady flow of funds, allowing us to spend more time helping communities resolve challenges.

You can select monthly or quarterly giving on the final checkout screen of the fund links. Or, you can contact Chris Page by email or call 206.770.6060.

Employer Matching

Did you know that many major employers, such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Wells Fargo, will match your gift to the Center dollar for dollar? See if your company makes the list. Your employer will provide you with a form that you can email or send to us.

Updated on October 6, 2022