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Statement on Racial Justice

September 21, 2020 –

We wanted to be sure all of you on the Ruckelshaus Center’s mailing list saw the statements issued by the leaders of our two host universities, Washington State University and the University of Washington, in response to the events of summer 2020.

The work we do is about ensuring that those who are affected by the outcomes of a policy-making process are included in that process. Collaborative governance is about enabling solutions to complex challenges based not on who can muster just enough votes or stifle opposing perspectives, but rather on establishing a shared set of facts, and using that shared understanding to help wide-ranging interests reach consensus on solutions that address the needs of all affected parties, not just those who have traditionally had power.

In her statement, UW President Ana Mari Cauce says, “I am confident that we can and will continue to learn and grow together, building toward a healthier future for all … to address issues of equity, racism, and bias.” WSU President Kirk Schulz says, “When our actions are informed by the truth of others, we can move forward, together, courageously and realize the aspirations of racial and social justice. Only then can we begin to create an authentic space from which to proceed.” We, at the Ruckelshaus Center, are honored to be asked to help create those authentic spaces.

With hope for a more just future,



Bob Drewel                            Phyllis Campbell                    Michael Kern
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