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Faculty and Staff

The Ruckelshaus Center maintains a small staff to ensure efficient stewardship of resources and quick response times. By accessing the expertise of faculty, staff, and students at both universities, the Center is able to call upon renowned subject matter experts. These experts provide project-specific services and knowledge.

Core Faculty and Staff


Michael Kern Square HeadshotMichael Kern, MPA
Cheryl Rajcich, MA (Pullman)
Associate Director, WSU Extension CED Unit
Harris Square HeadshotKevin Harris, MPA, MBA
Senior Facilitator for Health Policy
Amanda Murphy Square HeadshotAmanda Murphy, MMA
Senior Facilitator for Projects and Programs
Chris Page Square HeadshotChris Page, MPA 
Senior Facilitator for Projects and Strategic Initiatives
Phyllis headshotPhyllis Shulman
Senior Facilitator
(206) 446-8788
Molly Stenovec, MS
Project and Program Manager
Maggie Counihan, MS
Project Coordinator 
Alec Solemslie
Project Coordinator


Hazel Wilburn
Administrative Coordinator


University Liaisons

Michael Gaffney, WSU Liaison
Director, WSU Extension Community & Economic Development Program
Stephanie Harrington HeadshotStephanie Harrington, UW Liaison
Assistant Dean,
UW College of the Environment
Christine Cimini headshotChristine Cimini, UW Liaison
Professor of Law and the Associate Dean for Experiential Education
Craig Thomas HeadshotCraig Thomas, Ph.D., Professor, UW Evans School
of Public Policy and Governance

Endowment Campaign Co-Chairs

Bob Drewel HeadshotBob Drewel
Endowment Campaign Co-Chair
Di Hodgson
Endowment Campaign Co-Chair
Dave McShea
Endowment Campaign Co-Chair

Updated on September 9, 2021