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Message from the Chair Emeritus

bill ruckelshausCollaborative problem solving is at the core of the Center’s mission and is an enormously powerful approach to resolving conflicts. This approach holds great promise for better, faster, and more sustainable policy decisions for Washington State. With the combined resources of our premier research institutions at Washington State University and the University of Washington, this center establishes an invaluable neutral forum for addressing some of our state’s most complex and pressing challenges.

The Center has accomplished much and has laid the foundation for problem solving in a wide variety of policy and community venues. It can also boast the support of a prominent and representative advisory board, offices at both universities, and a track record of successful engagement in useful projects and activities.

Support from the universities and input from community leaders has been crucial to the Center’s accomplishments. The activities described on this website establish the Center’s capacity, experience, and knowledge to create greater public benefit for the future of our region.


William D. Ruckelshaus's signature 'Bill'

William D. Ruckelshaus
Chair Emeritus, William D. Ruckelshaus Center Advisory Board

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