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Criminal Sentencing Task Force – Final Report 2020

In 2020, the  Criminal Sentencing Task Force met monthly from January – August (except for March) and bi-monthly from September-December, and created working groups that met at least twice a month. From mid-October through early December the Task Force deliberated on potential recommendations, reaching consensus on 47 recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the criminal sentencing system, reduce complexities and errors, and promote and improve public safety. The recommendations described in the final report present a mix of agency policy and legislative statutory changes to address the three policy goals of the Task Force.

See links below to read the report and appendices (all pdf).

Executive Summary


Final Report – 2020



A. Legislative Budget Proviso

B. 2019 Criminal Sentencing Task Force Initial Report

C. Operating Procedures

D. 2019 Policy Goals – Sticky Note Responses

E. Recommendation #1: Sentencing Grid Research for 2021

F. Meeting Summaries

See below for a list of all dates and summaries for meetings of the Criminal Sentencing Task Force, the Sentencing Effectiveness Working Group, Sentencing Grid Subgroup, and the Reentry & Reducing Recidivism Working Group.

Summaries – Criminal Sentencing Task Force
Summaries – Sentencing Effectiveness Working Group
Summaries – Sentencing Grid Subgroup
Summaries – Reentry & Reducing Recidivism Working Group