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Pathways to Housing Security in Washington

Section 6 of House Bill 1277 (passed by the 2021 Washington Legislature) reiterated the challenges of homelessness and housing instability in the state and underscored the many changes and lessons learned associated with the COVID 19 pandemic. The legislation directs the Ruckelshaus Center to conduct fact-finding on the current state of housing instability and homelessness in Washington and to facilitate discussions to inform desired principles, options, and recommendations for a statewide strategy for sustained progress towards housing stability.


The interviews conducted by the Center in 2021 and 2022 yielded key emerging themes that helped to identify the areas of concerns and opportunities around which further facilitated discussions would be most useful toward the ultimate objective of informing a long-term strategy to improve housing security in Washington State.

Throughout 2023, we will be conducting iterative cycles of increasingly broad convenings that bring together a range of relevant roles and perspectives. Learn more about how to participate here.


The Center has also enlisted Washington State University Extension’s Division of Governmental Studies and Services as a partner to contribute to fact-finding efforts called for in the legislation about factors that contribute to homelessness and housing instability and the programs and services currently available in Washington State.


Reports have been provided to the Office of the Governor and appropriate committees of the Legislature on December 1, 2021 and December 1, 2022. A final report is due on December 1, 2023.


Year 1 – Pathways to Housing Security December 2021Report (pdf)

Year 2 – Pathways to Housing Security December 2022 Report

The project team will be available through June 2024 for follow-up conversations and/or presentations as appropriate.

Christina Sanders, Project Co-Lead

Phyllis Shulman, Project Co-Lead



For more information, contact:

Molly Stenovec, Project Manager